In today’s fast-moving business environment, legal departments cannot afford to waste time distributing, printing, scanning and signing documents. Legisway Essentials integrates with leading e-signature providers to make collecting signatures on contracts, agreements and legal documents quick and secure, while protecting confidential information.

Execute contracts quicker and abolish bottlenecks

Sign legal documents in a matter of minutes. Collect e-signatures on any documents, including:
  • Sales, Services and Procurement Contracts.
  • Vendor Registration forms.
  • Non-disclosure agreements.
  • Business contracts and agreements.
  • Board minutes.
  • Policy management and compliance.
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Request legally enforceable signatures in a secure environment

Eliminate the risks involved with “print-sign-scan” by keeping your data secure and private at all times. Our e-signature providers offer the strongest levels of legal enforceability, including audit trails, signature encryption and tamper-seal certificates to protect your contracts from repudiation. Download the factsheet

Enjoy a completely paperless workflow

Keep track of the e-signature process and continue to manage the signed document directly in Legisway Essentials. With everything in one place you can confidently track and control the legal data, knowing it is the right version. Download the factsheet
Learn how integrate a e-Signature service in Legisway Essentials to maximise efficiency, convenience and security.

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