Policies & Regulations

Are you 100% sure your organisation fully complies with local laws? Or is an expensive and time consuming compliance-related crisis lurking around the corner? To assist you with legal compliance, you need to have all of your policy and regulations in one place, where you can stay in control of compliance risk.

All of your legal compliance information at your fingertips!

Say goodbye to manually updated spreadsheets and save time searching for legal compliance information.
  • Store policies and regulations for your entire organisation.
  • Search for historical or current regulations and policies by entity.
  • Update compliance matters at any time to ensure they are always up to date.
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Share legal compliance information with stakeholders quickly and securely.

Make policy documents and regulatory information available to your legal department and co-workers across the business, helping you establish better governance.
  • Maintain a policy and regulation library that is easy to share and audit.
  • Share policy and regulation documents with employees.
  • Manage user access by department, entity or business unit, and make documents confidential to protect sensitive data.
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Improve collaboration and work smarter.

Collaborate with co-workers across the business in a secure environment, using smart tools that save you time while improving the quality of legal services.
  • Automate routine tasks to reduce errors and ensure compliance, with the option to create simple workflows.
  • Monitor deadlines of completed, overdue and upcoming tasks.
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Manage compliance risks and identify opportunities sooner!

Spreadsheets don’t give you the detailed management view you need to protect the company. Stay in control of mitigating measures and, in the event of a crisis, take action quicker.
  • Identify and asses policy or regulations risks across your entire organisation.
  • Set alerts ahead of effective dates, like filing dates for annual reports,  to avoid penalties.
  • Run risk reports to prioritise your actions according to risk level.
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Learn how configuring policies & regulations in Legisway Essentials can help you transition from legal manager to strategic business counsel.

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