Workflow Manager

Say goodbye to the days of chasing colleagues to upload important data or give their approval on legal documents. With Workflow Manager you can create sequences of assigned tasks to standardise simple processes for any of your legal matters.

Define multi-task workflows that meet your needs

With the help of our consultants, configure the Workflow Manager to define multi-task workflows to improve collaboration with co-workers across the business. Choose the sequence of tasks and assign them to the appropriate stakeholders. Download the factsheet

Assign standard workflows to execute matters quicker

From contract approvals to collecting documents for claim resolutions, once you define your workflows you can use them as a templates in any matter you want.
  • Add, edit or remove tasks as required.
  • Add multiple workflows, each with their own goal.
  • Enable or disable workflows per matter, as required.
Download the factsheet

Stay in contol of compliance risks by tracking tasks

See a complete overview of assigned and completed tasks. With a structured way of requesting data and collecting approvals, you can stay on top of compliance risks, ensuring everything is done by the book. Download the factsheet
Learn more about using Workflow Manager in Legisway Essentials to maximise efficiency, convenience and security.

Download the Workflow Manager factsheet

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