All-in-one legal management solutions for your legal department Discover Legisway

Take control of your legal information & accelerate your company's legal performance with all-in-one legal management software from Wolters Kluwer.

Empowering the shift from "cost-center" to trusted advisor

Ad hoc spreadsheets, chaotic shared drives or generic software don't drive the operational efficiency you need become a trusted Legal advisor. Legisway centralises your legal information and automates your processes in one solution, driving greater efficiency, better risk control, and improved collaboration.

Compared to point solutions that only address a single need - like contract, entity or claim management - Legisway can be configured and scaled cover the changing needs of your legal department. Built specifically for legal departments and backed our deep legal expertise, Legisway enables immediate digital transformation and provides rapid return on investment.

The power to gain control

If you can’t find documents or key information when you need to, it’s time to fix the problem. Legisway helps you store, share and report on all of your legal information and documents, including contracts, corporate entities, claims & litigations, compliance, power of attorneys, IP rights, real estate and more!  

The power to be efficient

With increasing pressure to “do more with less”, in-house legal teams can no longer afford to use ad hoc systems or processes. With Legisway, you can save time on routine tasks and empower to business to self-serve.
  • Intuitive data recording and search capabilities
  • Generate reports in a click and track KPIs
  • Delegate of tasks & standardise workflows based on business rules
  • Automate document creation
  • Self-service portal for the business

The power to be proactive

Being overburden with admin tasks can leave you being reactive. Anticipate change and stay on top of your obligations with Legisway.
  • Set alerts and notifications for deadlines and critical events
  • Configure dashboards so key data is always top of mind
  • Communicate with chat, forum and email functionalities
  • Powerful auditing and reporting capabilities

The power to influence

If you are seen as a bottle-neck or disconnected from the business, it can be extremely difficult to prove your worth. Legisway helps you improve communication, respond quicker to requests, keep track of performance and spend, and deliver tangible value to the business. Legal can finally be seen as a value-center.  

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The Hard Way or The Legisway?
The pace of business is accelerating. To keep up with expectations, legal counsels need to do more with less. Will you take the hard way, or the Legisway?