An Impression of Lexpo – the Legal Innovation Event

published on General News
America isn’t the only country where lawyers are pampered at legal events with lavish locations and high-profile speakers. This year, the first edition of Lexpo was held in Amsterdam, a new one-day legal innovation event for European (corporate) lawyers. Visionaries and expert panelists gave a sneak preview into the future of the legal market. An-Impression-of-Lexpo-the-Legal-Innovation-Event-02.jpg There was no shortage of visionaries at Lexpo. The first keynote speaker was Chrissie Lightfoot, who focused on the rise of artificial intelligence and how the technology will impact us all when deployed in the industry. Artificial Intelligence has long been seen as a threat in the legal industry but she feels it’s time to stop talking about the negativity. Lawyers have to come up with solutions to make sure their businesses and careers are future proof. An-Impression-of-Lexpo-the-Legal-Innovation-Event-03.jpg Casey Flaherty examined the role of technology in lawyers’ lives. He concluded that lawyers have trouble navigating the technology that is available to them. There are a large number of bells and whistles in software today, which have the potential to help users work more efficiently, but the user has to know where and how they work. Programs that aren’t intuitive mean that lawyers are stuck in inefficient processes. In the panel sessions that followed, it’s clear that data security is on everyone’s minds. It’s not a question of if hackers will manage to infiltrate, but when. The key is to take a proactive approach, which is helpful for minimizing the damage the other panel discussion about innovation in legal service delivery focused on trends between lawyers and their clients. The desire to change is there, but the availability and timing aren’t doing anything to change their productivity. We recommend Lexpo to general counsel who are interested in the latest trends and want to know more about how these trends can elevate their legal department. There is plenty of opportunity to connect with influencers and peers in the legal industry.