Does your legal department suffer from inefficient contract management?

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Inefficient contract management can take its toll on overburdened legal departments. But it’s not only a matter of wasted time. Poor contract management can also cost your business dearly. According to the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM), inefficient contract management can cost businesses as much as 9% of annual revenue. In fact, inefficient processes can result in financial losses […]

Legal Project Management: Learning the basics to mitigate project risk

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Could you benefit from a better understanding of Legal Project Management? Legal project management is no easy task. Not only does it require meticulous budget and cost controlling, but project managers also need to be able to mitigate risks that could cause the project to fail – be it a contract, merger or acquisition, or a case. Project management is the application of generally recognized knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to meet project requirements and achieve project objectives. Whether projects are managed in-house or shared with outside counsel, a basic understanding of legal project management can help you manage project risk, especially when the stakes are high! […]

Creating an effective data breach management plan to reduce risk

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According to a recent ACC survey, 70% of CLOs rate protection of corporate data and managing data breaches as an extremely or very important issue to address over the next 12 months. What’s more, 27% had experienced a data breach at their organisations within the past two years, up from 23% in the previous year’s survey. Of course, with an increased likelihood of data breaches comes an increased workload and need for budgets and resources, which is not always easy to obtain. It’s no wonder nearly 50% of general counsel say planning for cybersecurity incidents and responding to breaches is now a part of their job.

CASE STUDY: How GNT Group built an efficient legal department with Legisway

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Along with company growth comes the growth of obligations, and of course risk. That’s why a company starting out as a small local operation and growing into a large multinational soon finds themselves lacking the legal support they need. And then comes the question of how to set up the first legal department and exactly what is required. A perfect example of a company that faced this dilemma is GNT Group. Starting out as a small family run operation in 1978, they have gone to become a global market leader supplying food ingredients for coloring purposes to food and beverage companies worldwide.

How legal counsel can help identify data breach vulnerability and limit liability

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As Legal Counsel, you are a key player in your company’s data protection processes. Whether you work alone or in collaboration with Compliance and Data Protection Officers, it is imperative you manage your company’s legal information to minimise legal risk created by cyber attacks and data breaches. Data breaches not only affect your company’s bottom line, but if regulators and shareholders find that you breached various fiduciary duties by not mitigating known data security risks, you may also be at risk of personal liability. Therefore, GCs need a clear understanding of what makes them vulnerable so they can mitigate their risks and avoid liability.