Top 5 Entity Management Myths

Entity management can be an overwhelming task, especially when international borders are involved. A central task for legal departments is to manage the flow of information associated with the acquisition and dissolution. For each entity, the legal department has to deal with several dozen unique data points, which highlights the need for rapid access to information. The text below covers some common myths to transform entity management from a time-consuming task to time well spent.

Big Data Do’s and Don’ts for the Legal Department

One of the trending topics in the legal profession right now is big data, which loosely stated, refers to the collection of data sets so large that they can not be processed using standard data processing tools. Big data is predictive in character, allowing organisations to make decisions that will inform their strategies. In order to avoid the risks while leveraging the advantages, here are some do’s and don’ts that help you understand how big data intersects with privacy and security to impact the legal department and the business.

How to Ensure Your E-Signatures are Legally Enforceable

A report by Forrester Research estimated that e-signature use grows 53 percent annually, with the number of transactions that utilize e-signatures topping 210 million in 2014 and most likely go beyond 700 million in 2017.