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Legisway Enterprise empowers advanced legal departments to optimize processes, improve collaboration, and elevate their department as a strategic business partner in the business.

Improve efficiency and enable your company to grow while controlling risk

Manage all your key legal processes in a scalable and highly configurable all-in-one legal management solution built to accelerate your company's legal performance.

With Legisway Enterprise, you can manage and involve stakeholders across your legal activities:

  • Contracts: centralise, secure and manage your contracts’ lifecycle.
  • Corporate: manage and automate your corporate activities.
  • Litigation: manage litigation and update your provisions in real time.
  • Claims: follow your claims with links to your insurance contracts and guarantees.
  • Power of Attorney: control and automate your delegation chains and interruptions: editing, confirming and storing proxies.
  • Intellectual Property: manage your portfolio of brands, patents, domain names and their associated costs.
  • Legal Advice: centralise legal advice requests and legal team answers and insight.
  • Real Estate: manage your real estate assets with links to leases and insurance contracts.
  • Data Privacy: maintain records for your data processing activities and create reports for the relevant authorities.
  • Collaboration Portal: offer your operational staff the Dialog Box collaborative platform to channel and manage requests to the legal team.
  • See the full range of features in Legisway Enterprise

    A modular solution covering all the activities of the legal department.

    • Search
      Simple, keyword-based or advanced multi-criteria search
    • Dashboards
      Display an overview of users’ activity and the overall activity on a module through various tables and charts: ongoing tasks, recently signed documents, contracts to be renewed, litigations with the highest risk, etc. Dashboards can be customised to display the information that is important to you.
    • Electronic Signature
      Allow users to electronically sign PDF documents such as contracts and delegations of power from Legisway thanks to our partner providers.
      Electronic Signature
    • Data Encryption
      Protect your data in case of theft or unauthorized access by encrypting all or part of the information in Legisway Enterprise.
      Data Encryption
    • Alerts & Notifications
      Allow users to be notified of deadlines or content modification. Notifications can be configured on a specific matter (specific contract) or on a set of matters (family of contracts).
      Alerts & Notifications
    • Reports
      Create reports and charts with statistics and KPIs: number of signed contracts, distribution of contracts by family/amount, ...
    • MS Office Integration
      Edit and save MS Word documents automatically from Legisway Enterprise. Save and organise your emails and their attachments into the relevant module (contracts, corporate, litigation, etc..) directly from your inbox.
      MS Office Integration
    • Self-configuration
      Make changes to your configuration settings as you wish. No training or IT support required.
    • Document Assembly
      Generate documents using Word templates and data from your Legisway records.
      Document Assembly
    • Workflows
      Execute a process through a series of tasks and approvals assigned to one or several users. Workflows can be started manually or automatically when certain conditions are fulfilled.
    • Instant Messaging
      Send messages and share files with other users in public or private chat groups.
      Instant Messaging
    • APIs
      Connect with your Corporate IT systems to import or export data into or from Legisway Enterprise.
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