Two-factor Authentication (2FA) powered by Authy

Strong passwords aren’t always foolproof, especially with the rise of cyber-attacks that can compromise your email inbox. For an addition layer of security that goes a step further, add two-factor authentication (2FA) powered by Authy.

What is two-factor authentification (“2FA”)?

2FA is a method for confirming the identity of a user by using a combination of two different factors – the first being your password and the second a code that is only visible to you from your mobile or desktop device. Download the factsheet

How does Authy work?

The first step is to choose which users need to work with 2FA and ensure they install Authy on their phone, tablet or computer. Once 2FA is activated in Legisway Essentials, chosen users will receive a code via SMS or app notification when they log into Legisway Essentials. Using their unique code, users can complete the 2FA login process and manage their access token directly from their Authy app. Download the factsheet

How does 2FA increase security?

A strong password will not protect you from unauthorised password resets if someone has hacked your email. 2FA is an added layer of security that requires someone to use something that only the authorised user has – a security token – that arrives to the user’s phone, tablet or computer. Security tokens are encrypted and backed-up, so you can recover them in case your phone or computer is lost or stolen. And you can generate new tokens with each login, or every couple of weeks. Finally, if someone else is trying to access your account, you will receive a notification so you can take precautions immediately. Download the factsheet
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Download the 2FA powered by Authy factsheet

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