Intellectual Property Rights

Do you have an accurate overview of your IP portfolio and registration renewal deadlines? Failure to proactively manage intellectual property registrations can result in heavy penalties or in losing protection rights entirely. Legisway Essentials can help you keep track of deadlines and protect your company's most important asset.

All of your IP information at your fingertips!

Say goodbye to manually updated spreadsheets and save time searching for case information.
  • Store documents related to trademarks and patents in one secure place, eliminating the risk of manual errors or misplaced documents.
  • Get an overview of IP rights by registering authority, country, entity, law firm involved, and more.
  • Maintain an archive of IP Rights that is easy to access and audit.
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Share IP information with stakeholders quickly and securely.

Get an accurate overview of each IP registration and manage who can view confidential and sensitive case information with permission-based access.
  • Reduce the administrative burden with high-level summaries for each IP registration, including related images or documents.
  • Access an overview of current IP registrations per country.
  • Manage user access by department, entity or business unit, and make documents confidential to protect sensitive data.
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Improve collaboration and work smarter.

Improve collaboration with the business and outside counsel along the IP lifecycle, using smart tools that save you time while improving the quality of legal services.
  • Task creation and delegation ensures enforcement, licensing, and other critical tasks don’t fall through the cracks.
  • Monitor the stage of the registration in the IP lifecycle.
  • Grant access to your patent & trademark consultant/lawyer.
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Manage legal risks and identify opportunities sooner!

Spreadsheets don’t give you the detailed management view you need to protect the company. Stay in control of mitigating measures and keep track of your IP registrations.
  • Identify and asses risks across your IP portfolio.
  • Stay informed about the status of IP registrations and set alerts to stay on top of upcoming deadlines and fees.
  • See where your patents and trademarks are protected and where you need to take action, by country.
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Learn how configuring IP Rights in Legisway Essentials can help you transition from legal manager to strategic business counsel.

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