Enable business success

Transform your legal department into a value center by facilitating easy access to legal advice and self-service.

The big challenge to enable business success

The mission of corporate lawyers is to provide legal advice and service to internal clients. However, in many companies, the legal department is seen as old-fashioned, slow to act, disconnected from the business and a bottleneck to success. For many legal departments, it can be a real challenge to keep pace with the business, to be proactive and to change the perception that they are a cost center with no added-value for the business.

The Legisway solution

Transform the legal department into a value center by facilitating easy and swift access to legal services. With Legisway, accelerate business success through decisive legal advice and guidance, and be recognised for the critical role you play.

Five ways you can put Legisway to good use to enable business success:

1. Facilitate structured collaboration and self-service
Delegate tasks, activate workflows and communicate in Legisway – instead of via email or over the phone – to make interactions transparent and trackable. Let other departments create contracts using approved templates and initiate structured requests for the legal team.

2. Demonstrate the impact of the legal department on company profitability
Generate reports, track KPIs, accellerate contract drafting and validation and ensure efficient execution of your contracts. Actively contribute to the profitability of the business and demonstrate the value generated by the legal department.

3. Provide access to key information
Give business owners controlled access to the information they need to do their jobs. Empower colleagues to take responsibility over managing risk – like deadlines – thanks to smart tools like alerts.

4. Deliver legal services quick
By standardising processes and removing barriers, you can deliver decisive advice and services faster, with greater confidence. Carry more influcence and form better relationships with colleagues across the business.

5. Be recognised as a trusted advisor
With more control and oversight, you can proactively solve issues before they can gain any real hold – informing and supporting the strategic-decision making that will drive the business forward.

The Legisway advantage

Transform into a modern legal department connecting legal expertise with business needs and actively contributing to the profitability of the company

"I’m seen as a legal department, even though I’m the only one. Legisway supports me in delivering a broad range of services, while assuming a proactive, strategic role in our management team."
- Koen van Holten, General Counsel, GNT Group


"We used to use Excel for everything. Everyone around the world used to prepare their Excel files in different and random ways. It was a nightmare taking this unstructured data and producing reports for our Board of Directors. With Legisway, the data is structured and available at the touch of a button."
- Legisway user


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