Claims & Litigation

Claims & Litigation are easy to manage in Legisway. Track provisions, monitor claim status & communicate risk exposure in real-time.

The big challenge to manage claims & litigation

If you have a large volume of cases to manage, it can be difficult to keep track of data, monitor the status of claims in real-time and communicate your risk exposure. What’s more, if you’re outsourcing work to outside counsel, keeping track of everything in a secure way is an additional challenge. If you reply on spreadsheets, how can you be sure you won’t miss a critical deadline or court date, or lose track of provisions?

The Legisway solution

With Legisway, you can manage a high case load, keep track of deadlines, automate the litigation workflow, and collaborate with outside counsel in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Five ways you can put Legisway to good use to manage claims & litigation

1. Everything at your fingertips
Get an overview of claims, litigation & outside counsel activity by entity, counter party, law firm or claim amount. With Legisway, you can maintain a historical archive of claims, complete with exhibits, that is easy to access and audit.

2. Share information with internal stakeholders quickly and securely
Allow internal stakeholders to access confidential or sensitive information with granular permisson settings. Provide real-time insights into the status of cases and management reports quickly.

3. Provide access to outside counsel
Create an account for outside counsel so you can correspond within a secure environment. Export and email documents for fast, easy collaboration with external parties.

4. Configure workflows for each type of claim
Monitor you cases at each stage of proceedings. Build an action plan for each type of claim, assign tasks and set alerts to avoid missing critical deadlines or court dates.

5. More control over risk and provisions
Track and report on provisions and costs of your cases, and build an effective mitigation plan to manage your risk exposure.

The Legisway advantage

With more control over claims and litigation, you can keep costs in control while working to prevent claims from happening in the first place.

"Other people in the company have access to the information they need without contacting us. Not only has this improved our productivity, but theirs too, because they can retrieve the information they need faster."
- Hein Bijl, General Counsel, Citizen M


"Before I joined the company, many contracts were done informally with a handshake. Since becoming GC, I’ve spent a lot of time educating employees about risk. Legisway has helped us formalize contracts, create NDAs and keep track of our obligations, effectively reducing our risk."
- Koen van Holten, General Counsel, GNT Group


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