Creating insightful reports

Does it take you days to compile accurate reports for your CEO or CFO? Here's how Legisway can provide you management information at the touch of a button.

The big reporting challenge

As a General Counsel, you’re sitting on a vast amount of data that could be potentially valuable to you and your business. But when your contracts, claims and company information are stored on different hard drives and emails, how can you be sure that you have the full picture?

When your reports are manually updated on spreadsheets, how do you know for sure that you can rely on the data?

The Legisway solution

With Legisway , you can easily see the big picture. All your contracts, claims and company information are consistently captured in one place and cross-referenced, ready for you to generate reliable reports at the touch of a button.

Five ways you can put Legisway to good use in preparing insightful reports

1. Ensure your legal data is accurate
If you need your teams to be cataloguing contracts, claims and company information on time and in a consistent way, then Legisway will provide them email notifications, as well as giving them guidance and enforcing rules as they’re adding data.

2. Generate detailed reports at the touch of a button
If you need to generate reports on contracts, claims and company information, then Legisway can create it all automatically for you.

3. Summarise activity for an entire entity
If you need to report on all the contracts, claims and company information for an entire entity, then Legisway gives you the overview you need.

4. Visualise your reports for extra impact
If you need to show insights visually, then let Legisway create beautiful charts and diagrams for you.

5. Share your reports with your colleagues automatically
If you need your CFO or department heads to see the reports on a regular basis, you can give them access rights or simply have them emailed automatically.

The Legisway advantage

With Legisway, show your peers and management that you’re in control of the facts.
"I need an up-to-date structure of our legal entities at all times. Legisway makes that possible. And with a lot less work than before."
- Claudia Jacobs, Privacy Officer & Legal Officer, Vebego International


"We used to use Excel for everything. Everyone around the world used to prepare their Excel files in different and random ways. It was a nightmare taking this unstructured data and producing reports for our Board of Directors. With Legisway, the data is structured and available at the touch of a button."
- effacts user


"I’m seen as a legal department, even though I’m the only one. Legisway supports me in delivering a broad range of services, while assuming a proactive, strategic role in our management team."
- Koen van Holten, General Counsel, GNT Group


Need to provide insightful reports to your CEO or CFO? Learn more about the types of legal information you can manage in Legisway:


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