Legal management software for your legal department Discover Legisway

Take control of your legal information & accelerate your company's legal performance with legal management software from Wolters Kluwer.

Empowering the shift from "cost-center" to trusted advisor

Ad hoc spreadsheets, chaotic shared drives and generic software not designed for in-house legal teams don't drive the operational efficiency you need to assume a strategic role. Legisway empowers corporate counsel to sit at the center of business decisions and create value.

Compared to point solutions that only address a single need - like contract, entity or claim management - Legisway can be configured and scaled cover the changing needs of your legal department. Built specifically for legal departments and backed our deep legal expertise, Legisway enables immediate digital transformation and provides rapid return on investment.

The power to be efficient

How many systems do you have for storing information and sharing documents? How much time and money do you waste digging through folders to pinpoint the right information?

If you can’t find documents or key information when you need it, it’s time to fix the problem. Take the first step in driving operational efficiency by organising all of your information in one place with Legisway.

The power to be strategic

Are you spending too much time on admin tasks rather than providing strategic counsel? As in-house work increases and your budget stays the same, can you really afford to keep working the way you do, at the expense of servicing your CEO and the Board?

Legisway frees up your time from low-value work so that your team can shift focus to more strategic matters. Automate routine tasks and access accurate management information to advise corporate leaders, support business objectives and demonstrate the value of your legal operations.

The power to manage legal risks

A reactive approach to risk gives the impression that Legal lacks commercial awareness. Your CEO and Board looks to you to manage risks on a qualitative level and impact the bottom line. Are you rising to their expectations?

Collect data in a structured way, track deadlines, set alerts and generate reports to stay in control of legal risk. With effacts, you can protect the business from emerging threats and create value by communicating opportunities with management teams sooner.

The power to influence

Are you reliant on other departments to share information and frustrated by the lack of control that comes with it? Are non-secure file sharing practices of sensitive data putting your business at risk?

Legisway empowers your entire organization to be more legally savvy, while you retain control. Give departments access to the legal information they need, when they need it, and keep track of who sees what. Respecting the highest security standards, Legisway protects your data against unauthorized access and cyber risks that cause data breaches.