Need help tracking and managing your organisation’s meetings from agenda creation to follow up? To make your meetings count, you need a smart platform for agendas and minutes with controlled access and secure distribution of confidential information.

All of your meeting documention at your fingertips!

Say goodbye to manually written up agendas and minutes saved in various places. Generate, store and find everything you need in one dedicated portal.
  • Accelerate drawing up agendas, documenting meetings and decisions.​
  • Select from pre-set meeting themes to access several useful reports and quick links.​
  • Store and find historical and current meeting documents in no time.
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Share meeting information with stakeholders quickly and securely.

Make key meeting information more visible and understandable. Share agendas, minutes and reports with stakeholders quickly and securely. ​
  • Maintain an easy to audit archive of meetings.​
  • Generate reports of key meeting information. ​
  • Manage user access by department or role and make documents confidential to protect sensitive data.​
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Improve collaboration and work smarter.

Improve collaboration with the business using smart tools that save you time while improving the quality of legal services.
  • Upload meeting templates for increased efficiency and consistency.​
  • Create resolutions and assign tasks to ensure nothing is missed.​
  • Automatically send email alerts when a document or meeting changes.
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Manage legal risks and identify opportunities sooner.

Spreadsheets don’t give you the detailed management view you need to protect the company. Stay in control with an accurate overview.
  • Create tasks and workflows to keep everyone on track.​
  • Set alerts to stay ahead of resolution deadlines.​
  • Track changes and actions for a proper audit trail.
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Learn how configuring Meetings in Legisway Essentials can help you transition from legal manager to strategic business counsel.

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